Saturday, 25 January 2014

Link Pack #3: Social learning, climate change, new book on State regulation

Sustainable development through social learning: A new paper in Nature Climate Change posits that wicked problems like climate change can greatly benefit from social learning approaches because they foster iterative, collaborative and participatory learning. An open access version of the paper is here.

Ed Carr's blog: I have read several of Carr's papers and was really glad to find his blog which discusses climate change, adaptation, and development among other things. His work on 'livelihoods as intimate government' is particularly interesting.

SEA identifies 12 issues around monitoring and evaluation in climate change adaptation projects (link). Key points: 1) adaptation is a process, not an end point and represents a 'moving target', 2) adaptation cycles are much longer than programme time frames, 3) uncertainty, scale, conflicting definitions of adaptation and maladaptive pathways, make M&E difficult.

A new book ​​The Rise of the Regulatory State of the South: Infrastructure and Development in Emerging Economies, edited by Navroz K. Dubash and Bronwen Morgan tackles the interface between the State and it's regulatory role in infrastructural projects with case studies from the global south. Read a review here by Matt Birkinshaw.

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